About Our Reelfoot Lake Guide Service

Homra's Guide Service has been in operation since 1993 in Troy, Tennessee. We are family owned and operated guiding service providers with more than 50 years of experience running in the family.

With Homra's Guide Service, we want to give families and friends a chance to bond and hunt together, for which they might not otherwise have the means.

Our Story

My brother and I have grown up just feet away from the water’s edge. That’s because we practically had no choice as our family had been working as Reelfoot Lake guides for decades. Also, the love for Reelfoot Lake and what it had to offer was always there in our hearts from an early age.

For generations our family has supplemented their income or made their living from the water in some form or the other - be it commercial fishing or guiding. Our father made it a point to instill in both of us that hunting or fishing was just a part of the deal and that solid customer relations was the only way to build a successful business.

By sticking to these rooted principles and values, we feel that we are exactly what you are looking for. Hope we can live up to your expectation!